Nelson Peery

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Thu Feb 7 12:05:29 MST 2002

I don't have present documentation of this, but if my memory serves me
correctly Peery wfas also the leader of the Communist Labor Party
(formerly Communist League formerly California Communist League). Like
all the formations of the '70s it had quite a mixture of "merits" and
"demerits." I met two of its members once and had a long coversation
with them. They were impressive. The CLP drew the wrath of other "New
Communist" parties and pre-arties because it refused to denounce the
Soviet Union. And while it put forth some rather wild theorizing, it
also forced other communist (or would-be communist) groups to attempt to
sharpen their own grasp of theory. One verbal quirk (though one can see
its justifiction) was to replace "USA" with "USNA" (United States of
North America).

I _think_ but don't depend on my accuracy here that they were a leading
part of some struggles in the coal mines, and that it was they who
produced a movie on struggles in West Virginia that was very good. Sorry
I can't provide decent detail on this -- but it was a long time ago. :-(

There was a pamphlet attacking Peery and the CLP (advertised in the
Guardian, but I never saw the pamphlet) which had a title something like
"The Dialectics of Nelson Peery's Head." I think I own his book, but it
is lost someplace in the chaos of my book shelves.


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