Nelson Peery

Thu Feb 7 14:14:52 MST 2002

Joe Freemen was a pen name and not Nelson Peery by any stretch of the
imagination. Both were founding members of the Communist League which was a
merger with a section of the old League of Revolutionary Black Workers.
Nelson is at least 20 years "Joe Freemen" senior.

Mr. Peery was a CPUSA member - before Joe Freemen was born, and part of the
Provisional Organizing Committee and later founded the California Communist

Mr. Peery reside in Chicago and was a bricklayer, while "Joe Freemen" reside
in Detroit and retired from the auto industry. Mr. Peery is a member of the
League of Revolutionaries for a New America. "Joe Freemen" is not. Mr.
Freemen tends to be vulgar while Mr. Peery is not. Both are obstinate. The
tread that ties them together is a more than less common theoretical
framework and a plane, some would say proletariat, others dogmatic manner of
simplifying concepts for people who have difficulty reading which can be
condescending to many readers.

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