Reuter's Pascal Fletcher on the soon to be ex-colonel

Mohammad J Alam alam.m at
Thu Feb 7 15:09:49 MST 2002

Let this attack on Chavez and hence all the decisions he has made up until
now stand as a searing indictment to the Kautsykist, Social-Democratic, and
Green Party tendencies who have always believed democracy in and of itself
to be the ultimate goal.

Clearly and by all accounts, one is only "democratic" when they are serving
the interests of the economic elite. Otherwise, even when one is
democratically elected, so long as he does not dismantle the working-class,
he is a "tyrant" and does not know what "democracy really means". For he
should know better and understand the *class character* of bourgeois
democracy; has he forgotten that the term democracy is just another hollow
phrase meant to cover up so many elitist designs? Has he forgotten to
maintain his upkeep in this game? He must be brought down for this crime!
So cry the bourgeoisie.

Now even the generals, in a continent where they have played the most
brutal and dictatorial role, are trying to elicit sympathy for the tyranny
the "democratic" armed forces are incurring by the elected
administration--life is full of humor, after all! The critical question of
this period, however, and one seemingly best directed towards Perez, is:
will the masses let him be overthrown if he decisively sides with them?

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