They Think It's All Over

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The Blanket
4 February 2002

They Think It's All Over
By Brendan Hughes

If it is all over what was it for? Do we have freedom? Not the type I
fought for. Did we get rid of oppression? Not the type I fought
against. Did we change fundamental economic and social structures or
did we change those who would run the same old ones? Does the working
class get anything out of this deal? If so why then is Sinn Fein
claiming that the working class in the Falls Road still live in one
of the poorest areas in Europe? Did the deal rid us of the rogue
employers and greedy financiers who exploit our squalor like
cockroaches? Did republicans in the poor communities get anything out
of this deal? How can we even begin to discuss this openly if those
who think we get nothing can only say so at the risk of being hounded
and vilified?

I remember always being impressed by Liam Mellows when he said people
get into positions of power and then will do almost anything to hold
on to that power because of the privilege power brings them. Why
should such power be used to give privilege to rogue employers and
others who exploit the poor in our communities? Is it because it
brings mutual reward?

How can the use of power be justified if it fails to protect those
employed by rogue businesses and instead gives contracts to those
businesses? Maybe we were all naive in striving for such principled
goals. But I don't think so. I just think we were right. Rather than
being naive we were conned.

The ruling class still rules and the working class still works and
the gap between the two is as bad as ever. Not only are the Brits
still here but also are poverty, corruption, inequality, censorship
and repression. How things change in order to stay the same. Can it
really ever be all over when this is all we have to show for our

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