Gays and Labour in New Zealand

Danielle Ni Dhighe nidhighe at
Thu Feb 7 19:07:16 MST 2002

 >So the middle class queer movement don't actully have a
 >problem with the current power structure, wealth
 >distribution etc. They just want to be better within it

I would have to agree, based on my time as an activist for gay/transgender
rights.  Whatever discrimination I face as a lesbian and as a transsexual,
it pales to the daily exploitation I face as a worker.  Indeed, my employer
is extremely tolerant of sexual minorities, but that doesn't change my
status as a worker.  Getting that idea across to my fellow gay/transgender
activists was rarely successful.

Danielle Ni Dhighe
Puget Sound Chapter, Irish Republican Socialist Committees of North America
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"I owe my allegiance to the working class." - Seamus Costello

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