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Thu Feb 7 20:09:51 MST 2002

I don't really know Jose G. Perez except from his participation on this
list. But he has expressed an opinion about Morenoism in Nicaragua that is
false and worse. He wrote, (Subject: Re: Latin America and Revolution From:
"Jose G. Perez" <jgperez at>  Date: Thu, 07 Feb 2002 08:35:19 -0500)

"In addition, in your specific case --to be brutally frank-- what
"contribution" one more zany trotskyoid sectarian might make to the forging
of the proletarian vanguard of, say, Parador is open to question. You may
be quite deft and ultraleft by American standards, but you can't hope to
hold a candle to the Posadistas' antics in Cuba, or the Morenistas in
Nicaragua. Trotskyism has been quite thoroughly discredited throughout
Latin America by its own native-born adherents."

The truth is, that when the Sandinistas made an international appeal for
people to join them in the armed struggle against Somoza, the Morenoists
organized a brigade - the Simon Bolivar Brigade - which fought under the
miliarty discipline of the Sandinistas against Somoza. The sectarian and
opportunist Trotskyists, like the Socialist Workers Party of the United
States (of which Jose was a member if I remember his earlier posts
correctly) did not send anyone to fight against Somoza. They became
Sandinista flagwavers after the fact.

Jose, you need to be a little more honest with yourself. If you care to
explain your disagreements with the Morenoism in Nicaragua in more detail I
will be happy to continue the disucssion. Otherwise, please refrain from
slander.  I am trying to avoid being brutally frank with you, but I will
say that you need to come to terms with your own current's responsibilty
for the failure of revolution in Laitn America.


Louis Proyect
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