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A defence of the Morenistas in Nicaragua does not provide ground for serious
discussion in the year 2002. The Sandinistas had to toss the Morenistas out
of the country on their asses. There's no point coming back almost a quarter
of a century later with nonsense about "slanders" and "under the military
discipline of the Sandinistas" and so on.

The organization of a separate "brigade" was an act of such supreme
stupidity and sectarian arrogance that I can't think of a comparable example
in the annals of ultraleft cults. ANYONE who doesn't realize that TODAY is a
hopeless idiot.

And there's no sense wasting words conjuring up complicated arguments for
what is self-evident on its face. Even the most scathingly eloquent polemic
will not change the color of the sky from blue to red.

As to Trotskyism in general, I am more convinced than ever BOTH of the
historic necessity and righteousness of the struggle waged against the
bureaucratic deformations of socialism by the Bolshevik-Leninists in the 20s
and the International Left Opposition in the 30s, AND the utter cluelesness
of the post-WWII Trotskyists of all flavors, shapes and sizes.

The problem wasn't their Trotskyism, but, ironically, what they shared with
their opponents, "Leninism," the fetishism of an organizational form, the
cult of "the" party, as often as not aggravated by the cult of the party's
leader. Even in the face of one succesful popular revolution after another,
they could not bring themselves to abandon the narrow confines of their
Trotsky temples and join the *movement.*

Obviously from the nature of this critique, it is not one of the Trots per
se, but of many other dogmatic currents in the communist movement

As for Morenoism, its distinguishing characteristic was its innate inability
to accept the REALITY of the actual form of the Argentine national and
workers movement, which was Peronism. You can like it or dislike it, but the
one thing you can't do is pretend that's not really what it is,
counterposing your grouplet to it. Because Peronism was the real *movement.*
And you can't represent the future of the movement in the movement of the
present if you insist as a matter of principle in remaining outside it.

You can see the same kind of sectarian stupidity today by checking out The
Militant on the Bolivarian revolution (and, without doubt, countless other
publications from these currents). The Militant has (finally!!!) figured out
that the bourgeoisie is trying to OVERTHROW Chávez, not support him, but
they still can't bring themselves to identify with the process, with the
*movement* his initial electoral victory unleashed.

But these are not isolated "mistakes." And on the scale of the broad sweep
of history, at least in this part of the world, there was a time when the
cluetrain stopped by the offices of the Central Committee of every last
Trotskyist "party" in the Americas. And not a single one would take

The revolutionary movement, the communist movement, was reborn in completely
unanticipated forms. And countless former Trotskyists became part of these
new structures. But those that remained in organized Trotskyist formations
inevitably counterposed their own narrow sects to the actual revolutionary
movements taking shape in various countries. They did not represent in the
movement of the present the future of the movement. They tried to negate the
present of the movement, counterposing to it the movement of the past.

If one seeks proof of my assertion, all you have to do is read 1960s
articles, statements, editorials and resolutions about Cuba from ANY of
these groups. Well, history did not absolve them. Its verdict is a FACT,
unambiguous and unappealable: to pretend otherwise is to go through the
rabbit hole to a parallel universe, like the U.S. SWP has done which is
happily devoting itself to publishing PAPER books in a world where US
imperialism lost the cold war, the East European Worker's States still
exist, and the 1990 Gulf War marked the beginning of a Third World War that
is still raging.


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