To the Moderator/Joe Freemen

Fri Feb 8 09:33:07 MST 2002

Dear Moderator:

May I raise the question of the possibility of rejoining this email list.
The reason for requesting early consideration is as follows:

1. the other lines are not as much fun.
2. I am willing to let Philip view all my utterances on a probational period
to ensure my conformity with proper standards of conduct.
3. I have an article on the so-called Transformation Problem in Capital that
no one else deserves to beat me up over. The other guys are like in
"high-school" and ask questions like "is Marx the guy who wrote the big
4. If you can take in on the chin - on a regular basis, and give it back on
the head, then I can learn from this.

For consideration purposes it should be stated that I am willing to accept
any conditions and in the plant the company put you on a 90 days probational

I can't give "them" my take on the Transformation Problem and why the
question is within bourgeois political economy.

Finally, Nelson Peery is old enough to be my grandfather. I was born in 1952
and started reading Marx and Engels at roughly 16 or 17. Nelson was born in
1923 !!! He's good and an authentic iconoclast.

When the decision to join the Californmia Commuist League ("Nelson" group) in
merger was made I was like one of the oldest and most experinced in the youth
wing at age 18 or 19. I was really smart then. Now the spoof called
"Dialectics of the development of Nelson Peery's Head" was based on the
document "Dialectic of the development of the Communist League." Based on
this development when we went into Party formation some years later we called
ourselves the Communist Labor Party in honor of John Reed.

Now, the way I figure it is this: if you can take it on the chin for things
you are not guilty of then I can learn to be manly enough to take on the chin
for things I in fact am guilty of.

Your consideration is greatly appreciated no matter the outcome.

Joe Freemen

(Come-on man, give me some serious consideration. If I catch the lottery I
will throw someone to update the line).

PLEASE clip all extraneous text before replying to a message.

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