A note on Porto Alegre/Brazil/Argentina

Sabri Oncu soncu at pacbell.net
Fri Feb 8 10:31:23 MST 2002

Below is an e-mail sent to the PGA list. To respect the privacy
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I also was at Porto Alegre at the World Social Forum. I dont
quite agree with brother XXXXXX.

There were really two Social Forums.  One at the Youth
Encampment, where thousands of youth who could not pay for
hotels, had a revolutionary spirit. The other Social Forum at the
University was dominated by NGOs and professors.  There was even
a stand for Newsweek magazine! ATTAC with its reformist program
for a TOBIN tax dominated many of the workshops.

Brother XXXXXX does not mention the demonstration against the
Italian deputies who had voted for the bombing of Afganistan and
then made speaches against globalization. One of the deputies had
a cake thrown in her face.  The rank and filers of the P.T
(Workers Party) were definitely revolutionary...privately many
expressed disillusion with Lula who have largely given up any
socialist program. They will vote for him anyway.  The mass
upsurge in Argentina is having a radicalizing effect in Brasil.
Nearly everyone expressed that a workers government in Argentina
could only survive if there was a workers government in Brasil,
though it appears Lula is going the road of Mitterand and Jospin.
His election may open up a revolutionary process similar to Chile
in 1970, however.

Nearly every Argentinian group there was discussing Left Unity.
Each group had expected the other groups to sell out. With the
exception of the maoist RCP which is suddenly trying to make a
deal with the goverment, every other left group, to their own
surprise, is calling for strengthening the Peoples Assemblies and
preparing the workers of Argentina to take power.

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