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Just to set the record straight.

I am totally uninterested in a mudslinging war with Jose, or anyone else.
However, Jose and others have misrepresented an important chapter of
history. So that others who were not around in 1979 can have the facts,
here is my second, and last post, for this discussion.

1) The Simon Bolivar Brigade was organized in Colombia, by the 'Morenoists'
- at the time a faction of the United Secretariat of the Fourth International.

It was organized in response to a request by the Sandinistas for the
organization of international brigades to fight alongside of them in the
military battle with Somoza. And that is what the Brigade did.

The brigade included fighters from most countries of Latin America, but the
majority were Colombians.

It was not organized in the United States (though a small group in Los
Angeles supported it).

2. The Sandinistas did 'kick the brigade out on their asses, to the
discredit of the FSLN. The move was made to shore up the FSLN's shaky
alliance with Violetta Chamorro - it was part of the FSLN's crack down on
those to the left of them. The crack-down failed to keep the alliance with

The Sandinistas in fact handed over the fighters of the brigade to the
Panamanian police, at a moment when Noriega was still on kissing terms with
the CIA.

3. International Brigades are an old revolutionary tradition that the
Sandinstas called upon. Moreno didn't invent it, and neither did the FSLN.
Check up on Garibaldi, the Spanish civil war, etc. Or check up on what Cuba
was doing in Africa mroe recently.

I won't follow Jose into a discussion of Morenoism in Argentina. I am
interested in that discussion, but not with the clear inability to discuss
that Jose has demonstrated. I will discuss the issue if it arises again
under lucid conditions.

Also, I am uninterested in discussing with Muhammed J. who apparently
started the current discussion on revolution in Latin America, except to
advise him to find a struggle where he is (or where he comes from)  - no
matter how small and unheroic it may be - join it, and fight for it to win.

The class struggle never stops, even when class consciousness is at a
historic low point.

Stop trying to sell newspapers, start trying to win struggles.

After, Muhammed might gain some knowledge to contribute to struggles in the
future. Until that time, he should be humble about how much knowledge he
thinks he has to offer.

All the best, Anthony

Louis Proyect
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