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Fri Feb 8 12:42:29 MST 2002

(Comrades might recall Marc Cooper's visit here a while back. Not only did
he align himself with the Pacifica hijackers, he has been shifting to the
right on a consistent basis with all of the other Nation Magazine
muck-a-mucks--Henwood, Hitchens and company. Henwood posted a screed of
Cooper's against the US left to LBO-Talk that was supposedly a report on
Porto Alegre. Chuck "Zero" Munson, who is to the Internet for anarchism, as
I am for Marxism, wrote a nifty reply to Cooper that appears below.)

Doug Henwood wrote:
> <>
> L.A. Weekly - February 8 - 14, 2002
> Left With Hope
> Some un-American thoughts from Brazil on global Justice
> by Marc Cooper

Let's face it, LBOers, Marc Cooper is a jerk and a self-important
scumbag. ANy of you want to take bar bets with me on when he completely
sells out and starts writing for Front Page magazine?

Ah yes, I know Marc's ilk very well. Older white guys from the Old New
Left. Very likely to flag down the nearest cute activist at some
activist meeting and ask them to get him a drink. All the time passing
out his card to people to let them know that he is a WRITER FOR THE
NATION MAGAZINE. As if anybody cares.

> PORTO ALEGRE, BRAZIL -- AFTER SPENDING last week here with 50,000
> others at the World Social Forum -- what the press has dubbed the
> "anti-globalization summit" -- it would be easy to make fun of the
> guy who was wearing a red-and-blue Che Guevara cape.

Or the guy named Marc Cooper who was masquerading as a self-important

> Or the clumps of balding, middle-aged Belgians and Danes with Che
> T-shirts stretched across their paunches as they ambled about in
> short pants, black socks, and sandals. Or the little bottles of local
> rotgut booze for sale re-labeled with, yes, images of Che. Or the
> crudely drawn and even more primitively translated wall propaganda
> posters shrieking that the "Yankee state is worldwide center of
> outrage, torture, strokes, [sic] bombardments, militar [sic]
> interventions and slaughter of innocent millions." Or the scraggly
> squads of "reporters" from various "indymedia" centers, frenetically
> capturing one another on video- and audiotape that they earnestly
> post on Web sites read only by themselves.

Are we beginning to sense a trend here? After everything that has been
said about Cooper and Pacifica, are his fangs not dripping with contempt
for the independent media. Of course, when you are an olf left
authoritarian, the existence of a vibrant, indie left press is anethma
to pricks who think that being a WRITER FOR THE NATION MAGAZINE has
elevated them to some kind of Leftist rock star status.


Louis Proyect
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