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> I am happy to welcome back Joe Freemen under any guise he chooses to
> adopt.


> All I would ask from anybody is that they make a serious effort to focus on
> politics rather than side issues involving personalities, etc.

Lou, as a moderator, I know it's annoying to be told how to run what is
essentially your toy, so I will state this only once. Joe Freemen made some very
vulgar and extremely sexist and homophobic comments. I for one do not think that
your list- almost certainly the strongest internet voice for Marxism- should be
willing to tolerate that in ways it certainly would not for issues of overt
racism (for but one example). I have recently been trying to pose the issue to
people so they get it: it is not about trying to censor people or become

When a person who is a woman or/and queer is forced to endure sexist and
homophobic comments that are used in a violent fashion, it essentially feels
like a threat and takes a freedom away from that individual to relax.

The level of daily violence against women and gays (since September 11, there
has been one lynching murder here in Vancouver- that of a gay male in world
famous Stanley Park. The media went into a virtual frenzy of repugnant
homophobia, with editorials blaming his sexual practices for his own death) is
such that there must be seen the linkage between our tacit acceptance of such in
even this progressive forum and the acts of murder themselves. Tolerance breeds
acceptance. We need to be clearer than others as to what we deem a safe
environment. Joe Freemen, someone who I enjoyed reading, took away that safety.
We should be proud that you responded by removing his podium. Leave it that way.


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