News not fit to print -- armed feds shut down teenager's website

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> The whole reason for
> pointing out the FBI shutdown is presumably to show there is may be a
> dangerous precedent. But this is not necessarily true. At least ostensibly,
> he was being arrested for specific crimes, though I have no doubt the FBI
> felt good screwing over a radical.

They always arrest us for specific crimes. No one is ever jailed for
revolutionary offenses. They usually getty petty theft right through to murder.

We know many of the more famous cases. One I find particularly instructive is
the case of Dewayne Holmes, a former leader of the LA gamg the Crips. AS you
probably have heard, The Bloods and the Crips were two very violent, drug
trading street gangs that started out in the 80's- and fought one another.
Dewayne Holmes initiated what amounted to peace talks between the gangs and
began to steer the massive social power of the gangs in the direction of social
betterment and community organising. When he was still out killing people with
guns and supplying the means to the hopeless unemployed to kill themselves with
crack cocaine... he received a blind eye form the police. When the society began
to move towards radical changes through these groups, immediately following this
was Dewayne receiving 7 years for the supposed theft of a TV set from a
friend( I thank Michael Parenti for bringing this story to my attention with his
dedication to Dewayne in the front of his "Against Empire").

He might very well have committed the crime. That's hardly the point. Why was he
charged? That's why we must defend the kid with the website.

Also, such webpages must surely be accessible all over the world- and there are
many peoples who could make good use of the site.


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