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Fri Feb 8 16:53:06 MST 2002

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> Dear Moderator:
> 3. I have an article on the so-called Transformation Problem in Capital
> that
> no one else deserves to beat me up over. The other guys are like in
> "high-school" and ask questions like "is Marx the guy who wrote the big
> books?"

Joe Freemen,

Please go ahead and post your thoughts about the transformation problem.
This problem has dogged Marxist economics for nearly a century. I
personally think that Anwar Sheikh's explanation is the proper one.
Sometime ago, I had thought that Alan Freeman's interpretation was the
correct one but now feel that he and his followers are wrong for they mix
up value and production price. Earlier, you had brought Marxist
theoretical rigor into this somewhat empirical and historical list - so
much thanks for that. But please do not attack other members with lumpen
and gutter language. This is a request since it would be beneath a person
of your depth.


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