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> The critical question of
> this period, however, and one seemingly best directed towards Perez, is:
> will the masses let him be overthrown if he decisively sides with them?

I don't claim to be José, but let me try this. The question is not so much what
the chances are for Chávez, but more what attitude we take to it.

The Chavistas are fundamentally different and more progressive than any other
government in the region. The Bolivarist program is carrying out a land reform
and stuffing imperialist banks. This while putting the country through a
constant stream of referenda. Quite seriously, all the opponenets of Chávez and
the poor who support him can use to discredit is pure hyperbole.

When this going on, with an advancing revolutionary situation, we should be very
clear that we are with the Chávistas against the landed oligarchy and the
interests of imperialism that they serve.

His moves seem to be advancing quickly. This is a remarkable process- for the
simple fact it is real. You ask me, that fact that Chávistas are orchestrating
such a good counter-pole of support for the well-paid but ill-willed
"opposition" (bourgeois foot soldiers, essentially). We are not there. We should
simply state that we are unsure of their success but wish them the greatest and
pledge to do our part in tying the hands of American imperialism from
interfering. That's our job- the only one we can realistically carry out
(Venezuelan peasants aren't reading the list in large numbers for their
political line)- and the best example we can give them of our international

We are all Bolivarists :-)


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