To the Moderator/Joe Freemen

Carrol Cox cbcox at
Fri Feb 8 19:17:16 MST 2002

Louis Proyect wrote:
>  Email is a funny medium.

Indeed. Here is part of a post I received the other day from a member of
the ISU English Dept:

I did a paper years ago on what happened when I gave my
undergraduate students anonymous ids on an email chatlist: within
minutes the class discussion became abusive and included what sounded
like sincere physical threats.  What do we do to students that the
second they get free reign they immediately become abusive?  (Since
then, I've come off the idea of every "allowing" anonymity.  I no
longer believe in it as a valid method of communication.) *******

We have not yet mastered the craft of maintaining control of e-mail


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