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Louis Proyect wrote:
> Just to set the record straight.
> I am totally uninterested in a mudslinging war with Jose, or anyone else.
> However, Jose and others have misrepresented an important chapter of
> history. So that others who were not around in 1979 can have the facts,
> here is my second, and last post, for this discussion.
> 1) The Simon Bolivar Brigade was organized in Colombia, by the 'Morenoists'
> - at the time a faction of the United Secretariat of the Fourth International.
> It was organized in response to a request by the Sandinistas for the
> organization of international brigades to fight alongside of them in the
> military battle with Somoza. And that is what the Brigade did.

An interesting side note in this history is that it was these
brigadistas who permitted the extirpation of somocista agents and
snitches.  On July 19th, while the Sandinistas were busy partying and
throwing shit out of government office windows, it was brigatistas from
Argentina --form the ERP, I believe-- who rushed in, kicked people out,
and saved the National Guard's archives.  The cops, in the confusion of
the laste days never thought tho destroy them, but the crowd would've.

- Juan

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