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Argentina Paying Heavily for Squandering Blessings

 By LARRY ROHTER, NYTFebruary 8, 2002

BUENOS AIRES, Feb. 6 — Everywhere they gather in these days of crisis
and collapse, Argentines are asking themselves the same question: how
could it have come to this? How has this country, whose name derives
from a Latin word meaning money and whose elegant capital faces an
estuary called the River of Silver, managed to go bankrupt?

 "Our case has got to be unique in modern world history," said Daniel
Bellini, a high-school chemistry teacher, as he sat with friends at an
outdoor cafe on the Avenida Nueve de Julio, a stately boulevard that
recalls the country's former glories. "To start off with such abundance
and end up this poor, that, my friend, takes a very special talent."


 What the current crisis requires, most Argentines say, is action, and
not more "cafe chatter." But the country remains divided and disorderly,
perhaps as much so as in 1925, when Argentina was nearing the end of its
golden age and Albert Einstein, visiting here and puzzled by what he
saw, asked, "How can so disorganized a country progress?"

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"x"?  See Einstein's mainstream-ignored essay "WHY SOCIALISM."
Does it take a genius?

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