what to make of "conspiracy theories"?

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> He seems to present pretty sound documentation to back
> up his claims, but still, I'm hesitant to buy into this whole big conspiracy
> theory.  Any thoughts?


We should take notice of how the planes have given imperialism it's strongest
position ever; how the super-imperialism of the first world has broken down very
significantly as a result of this action; how the American establishment far
right has finally done what it wanted and dispensed with the UN and
international law once and for all; how imperialism got the green light for the
introduction of some wholly reactionary dismissals of civil liberties and
finally all of the circumstantial evidence- yes, it is circumstantial but I
believe wholly damning- most particularly that not only did the Standard
Operating Proceedures of the USAF not get follwed, but were in fact downgraded
(the same thing that happened to local security in Dallas the day JFK was shot).

The fact should also be raised as to how intricate their network of spooks are
the world over. I have a hard time with the simple logic of whether or not at
least Mossad knew (and in fact, some say they did...).

Finally, if you have something to hide, you go about hiding it. If you don't
have anything to hide, you don't. Simple enough logic, so what did it mean when
the investigation into 9/11 was censored and shackled "for national interests"
before it even started? This is at least as damning as that really stupid and
silly "videotape confession" that bin Laden gave to that Saudi sheik. This is a
systemic coverup. That's the least circumstantial evidence.

You can look at the "apolitical" lives of the Bush administration and their
connection to the big capital interests of Arab and Muslim oil fields.

Imperialism knows that it is rapidly running out of oil and could not possibly
solve their crisis while playing nice on the world stage. China is expected to
double oil and energy needs in the next ten years. This after global oil has
already peaked. We are foolhardy if we don't see how clearly that this entire
episode- especially Bushie and his break with his "Allies"- points towards a
world of "America Über Alles" (apologies if that isn't the correct accent).

That imperialism can't count would be silly. In the long run, this war will be
seen as the turning point in the history of the US Empire where they dispense
with everything to do with international covenants. Comrades who won't look into
"Conspiracy" theories are doing us a disservice. We would then be ignoring that
the gains for American imperialism are amassing at an unprecedented rate.

Socialsm or barbarism. Say it often.

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