what to make of "conspiracy theories"?

Mark Lause lause at worldnet.att.net
Sun Feb 10 21:00:37 MST 2002

I would add to Louis' remarks only that any theory has to be evaluated based
on the evidence.  "Evidence" isn't really evidence unless it points to what
happened.  It is not "evidence" if tells us what we can't disprove might have
happened.  (Just because we can't demonstrate that Martians didn't do it is
NOT evidence that Martians did do it.)

I would add that speculation without evidence is not only wasteful, but it is
one of the ways in which the dominant culture keeps the bulk of our
civilization as dysfunctional as possible. Look at the amount of time and
space wasted in our mass media on crap like alien abductions (this is without
getting into the real throwbacks like ritual Satanic child abuse).

In any event, muddling what is and isn't evidence actually hurts the movement
by cheapening the kinds of tools we use to understand reality...tools which
aren't widely used in our society at all.

Mark Lause

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