Friends of Cuban Libraries - US Propaganda Front

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I found your reply to be extremely effective, devastatingly so.

Especially since it relies entirely on the testimony of professional
librarians, who quite dispassionately, and without any hostility to the
"dissidents" involved, describe these straightforwardly as fronts for
political groups and as a way to make yourself into a "politically
persecuted" person eligible for an immediate visa to the U.S.

A scam, in other words.

I'd like to post your attachment to CubaNews, a yahoo group of which I'm one
of the moderators. Please let me know if that is ok.

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I subscribe to a list serve called Academic Librarians Forum. A person
named Robert Kent has been posting messages to it for a group called
"Friends of Cuban Libraries," decrying the repression and censorship
that the Cuban government is supposedly directing at "independent"
libraries in Cuba. Well, it turns out, not surprisingly, that this is a
US government propaganda campaign, and I found good evidence for it,
which I posted it to the list serve. Here's my response to the latest
message by Robert Kent. Any comments?

Brian James

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