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Brian James bajames at
Sun Feb 10 22:19:52 MST 2002

Jose G. Perez:

> I'd like to post your attachment to CubaNews, a yahoo group of which I'm one
> of the moderators. Please let me know if that is ok.

By all means.

I've found some more good articles on the phoney "Friends of Cuban
Libraries" and their agent Robert Kent on the "progressive" librarians
website -

This article is from the Cuban Libraries Support Group:
"Friends" versus supporters of Cuban libraries

"...Robert Kent is a librarian who lives in New York City. On four
occasions he has taken books and pamphlets to Cuba for Freedom House and
the Centre for a Free Cuba, both of which are funded by the US Agency
for International Development. On three occasions his travel expenses
were paid by Freedom House or the Centre for a Free Cuba."....

Apparently Robert Kent made a bid for recognition for his FCL with the
American Library Association, and it was rejected for all the right
reasons. More info here:

Brian James

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