what to make of "conspiracy theories"?

Martin Schreader mschreader at npns.org
Mon Feb 11 10:20:05 MST 2002

Craven, Jim wrote:
> An example of this occurred on
> Marxism when I got into it with Jared about the fact that someone trained
> single-engine aircraft, with a commercial and instrument rating and a
> simulator time, could easily have enough skill to fly a 767 or 757 or
> 737--or indeed 747--into a large tower; he summarily disputed this fact
> arguing a-priori that it was not believable, despite the fact that he had
> flight training or experience and cared little that he was challenging
> who had considerable flight training and experience.

The question of who flew the planes is not an issue for me. I took flight
training, and the procedures are generally the same. Nowadays, with all the
computerization of aircraft, it is increasingly a question of scale.

Anyway, this is not the part of the puzzle that bothers me. What gets me is
the contention by the government that an open-air jet fuel (kerosene) fire
can melt steel. I have been researching this since September -- studying
thermodynamics, heat transfer and output studies, structural physics,
etc. -- and I still cannot get the models to work out. Maybe I'm using more
variables than the government. I factor in things like the fact that this
fire was not contained in a closed environment, but open to the (cool
September) air (at 700-1,000 feet).

The government bases the probability of a kerosene fire bringing down the
WTC on two factors: 1) the adiabatic temperature of a kerosene fire, and 2)
the temperature for forging wrought iron. As you can see, neither of these
fit into the scenario of an open-air jet fuel (kerosene) melting tons of
structural steel (as well as any other objects in contact with the fire) --
transferring heat in all sorts of directions, including the air (inside and
outside the WTC), the steel in the plane, the office furniture, and, of
course, the steel structure of the building.

And, I don't care what the "Department of Defense Translation" of the Osama
bin Laden "smoking gun" videotape says, this story stinks of burning flesh.

I am hoping to reach a qualitative point in this research soon, and draft an
article on this. If comrades would be interested in contributing to the
research and/or writing, contact me by e-mail at mschreader[at]npns.org.


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