what to make of "conspiracy theories"?

Chris Brady cdbrady at attglobal.net
Mon Feb 11 16:17:46 MST 2002

We may wag fingers at the leftists there but the neutralization of
Marxist parties in Southwest Asia was prioritized by domestic elites
greatly, critically aided by imperialist interests.  In the Cold War
along the rim of the USSR, the border became the brink of atomic war.
The countries of that area, so close to the USSR, were boiling inside.
With the rendering of any viable left and then liquidation, yes, a
vacuum existed.
Where to turn?
Fanatical Islam became "at one and the same time,
the expression of real suffering and a protest against real suffering."

Reagrdless of the consequences, the West would do it again.
A Red Middle East would be too oppressive for the liberties of capital.

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