A Tale of Two Terrorisms

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>>  A Tale of Two Terrorisms
>>Approximately 20 years ago, women began disappearing from
>>Vancouver's East Side. This is Skid Row, and the women who
>>disappeared were presumed to have been prostitutes; and besides,
>>many were aboriginal. They weren't respectable persons, such as
>>Enron executives, or friends of Peter Pocklington.
>>Friends and relatives of missing women did what friends and
>>relatives sometimes do: they took time out of their busy lives
>>and went looking for their loved ones. They followed leads, and
>>looked up possible informants, and kept police apprised of
>>results. The police told one woman she was crazy.
>>Over the years, concerned citizens compiled a list of over 600
>>names of dangerous johns, customers who had been rough with
>>prostitutes in the East Side. They formed a citizen's committee
>>and did what the police, who were located right in the heart of
>>the district, had been unable to do - they interviewed
>>prostitutes and profiled "bad dates", as rough johns are known in
>>the trade.
>>In 1998, police assigned one more officer to the case, making a
>>total of two. This was the year Lynn Frey, of Campbell River,
>>named a Port Coquitlam farm as being suspicious after her
>>daughter went missing. This is the woman who was told she was
>>A documentary about this case was shown several weeks after the
>>Twin Towers were attacked. An officer who works on the case in
>>his spare time stated unequivocally that police response would
>>have been much different had the disappearances involved women
>>from wealthier neighbourhoods. He stated that a task force of at
>>least thirty officers would have been assigned immediatley. There
>>was a task force of 9 at the time of the airing of this
>>documentary. This team had been struck due to pressure put on by
>>the East Side women's committee.
>>Several years ago, the women's committee raised $100,000 for
>>information leading to the arrest of the East Side serial killer.
>>They arrived at this figure following the publishing of a story
>>about a reward offered for the capture of what was known as "The
>>Garage Thief". Someone was breaking into garages in a quiet,
>>upscale neighbourhood and committing petty thefts, and the home
>>owners got together and raised a reward. The women's committee
>>figured that 35 women were worth the property value of a string
>>of petty thefts. The police assigned a team of 9 inexperienced
>>officers to the East Side case.
>>Today's paper states that police have finally raided the farm,
>>but that the owner, having been taken into custody on fire arms
>>charges, is now at large and out on bail. There is now a task
>>force of 30 assigned to this 20 year old case.
>>In another documentary around the same time, we were told the
>>story of another terrorist cell operating in Maple Ridge, British
>>Columbia. This is a family of Sikh immigrants who murdered a
>>daughter of the family because she married the wrong man. She
>>refused to marry the elderly, wealthy candidate chosen for her by
>>her family and, instead, married a poor untouchable, met while on
>>holiday in India. Her mother arrainged for her uncles to travel
>>to India to carry out the murder. Phone records show that the
>>kill order was placed from the family home in Maple Ridge.
>>I just have to wonder why some people rate a "War on Terror" and other
>>people don't.

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