Abortion Bomber Confesses

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Tue Feb 12 18:15:37 MST 2002

>>Abortion Clinic Bomber Confesses
>>2/8/2002 - During an arrest for a suspected DUI in Mississippi,
>>Randy Maske confessed to police that he had firebombed an
>>abortion clinic in Peoria, Illinois in 1993. Arresting officer
>>Tim Bell made a sarcastic remark to Maske while taking him into
>>custody, saying Come on inside hero. Maske responded, I am a
>>hero. I bombed an abortion clinic. Maske then went on to tell
>>Bell details of the 1993 bombing, which were later confirmed by
>>the Peoria police. Maske is being held in Tupelo, Mississippi. He
>>will be transported to Peoria where he will face an arson charge.
>>On September 26, 1993, a Molotov Cocktail was thrown at the doors
>>of a clinic in Peoria. The bomb burned the doors and sidewalks,
>>causing an estimated $10,000 worth of damage. The only reason the
>>bomb didn't do a whole lot of damage inside the clinic was
>>because of the security measures we had done, said Margaret Van
>>Duyn, Executive Director of the clinic. No one was injured in the
>>Since the 1990s, incidents of severe violence directed at
>>abortion providers and women's reproductive health clinics have
>>declined, however, one in five clinics still experiences one of
>>more forms of severe violence. To learn more about anti-abortion
>>violence, read the [25]Feminist Majority Foundations 2000 Clinic
>>Violence Survey.
>>Feminist.org: Your daily source for the feminist perspective on
>>national and global events.

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