Real Men Don't Run From Bears

Inez Salinas isalinas0 at
Tue Feb 12 18:15:15 MST 2002

>>On Jan. 14, "Hunter Gray" stated:
>> >> But take it from an Indian and a Real Outdoorsperson:  I don't
>>think you have to worry.  If you're out in the boonies, use some
>>logical [and intuitive] good sense. ...If you see Momma Bear with
>>her cubs, leave fast or hunt up a tree. <<
>>Hey, John, This is really stupid advice. Quite obviously, you're
>>a Plainsman who's never seen a bear climb a tree. Or perhaps
>>you've hung out in grizzly country and are unaware that, for
>>black bears, climbing trees is their first line of defence.
>>Sometimes, it's hard to tell a grizzly from a black bear - you
>>have to be able to spot the hump on its back; and this can be
>>difficult to spot in a female or a young male.
>>Contrary to your assertion, bear studies have shown that making
>>noise is actually good advice. As with most wild animals, bears
>>generally prefer to avoid confrontation. Unlike men in bars,
>>they're not looking for a fight. Experience shows that even a
>>victorious animal can be maimed in the course of a fight; and,
>>further, even a small injury can hinder hunting ability.
>>Generally speaking, unless they're hungry, animals figure a fight
>>isn't worth it. Studies in hiking country have shown that bears
>>make their own parallel trails beside hiking trails, thereby
>>avoiding human contact.
>>So, intermittent noise-making is a good idea in bear country,
>>simply to warn the bears and avoid startling them into something
>>rash that you'll both regret.
>>And your advice about "running away" is equally stupid. Humans
>>can't outrun bears, nor hardly any other animal, for that matter.
>>This is one reason we are a species-being - as individuals, we
>>just aren't very impressive fighting machines. We band together
>>out of necessity; and the social bonding flows from that concrete
>>reality. Our spirituality and religion arose as an attempt to
>>explain and to enforce the social bonds that facilitated our
>>development from animal to human. Marxists have since come up
>>with a rational explanation of that veil of obfuscation - it's
>>called dialectic materialism - and it explains human
>>consciousness much better than does any of that ancient bunk.
>>You know, I think I may have figured out why you've been getting
>>so much bad advice lately - you've been consulting the wrong dead
>>ancestors. You have stated that your background is Scottish on
>>your mother's side and Blackfoot on your father's. Well, I know
>>the Celts were all matrilineal; and I'm pretty certain most of
>>the Plainspeople were, too. So, you're not an Indian at all, but
>>a Celt, and ought to be consulting your mother's dead ancestors.
>>And they are deer people and seal people, not bear people.
>>Or it could be that you're just putting the wrong kind of weeds
>>in your "sweetgrass pipe". Know what I mean, Verne?

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