Liberal Hypocracy: Pen-l exchange between Devine and Henwood

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Tue Feb 12 21:10:00 MST 2002

It seems, when the war on terrorism starts hitting the home, our liberals,
who cheered Bush's war efforts in Afghanistan (arguing that something
should be done "about those mother fuckers" since the intervention is
justifiable this time), have suddenly become moral critics of the war.
what an improvement.

Pen-l exchange on Henwood:

Devine, James wrote:

>I get the impression that the US military decided to simply attain its
>in Afghanistan "by any means necessary," ignoring standard rules of war
>domestic opposition, keeping the press out as much as possible. Usually,
>barbaric fury of the US military is kept impersonal, by using strategic
>bombing (or naval bombardment, as in Serbia). Here's it's more personal,
>allowing soldiers to rampage (but not rape or pillage, I presume).

All the retired special forces guys I've seen on TV over the last
several months have been the most chilling sorts of professional
killers, seemingly without any sense of empathy or doubt. The idea of
packs of these guys roaming around Afghanistan bent on revenge is

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