what to make of "conspiracy theories"?

Adam Levenstein cleon42 at yahoo.com
Wed Feb 13 07:40:55 MST 2002

--- Martin Schreader <mschreader at npns.org> wrote:
> Three government studies (two U.S., one Canadian; all done prior to
> Sept.
> 11) I have all put the temperature of an open-air kerosene fire
> between
> 300-500 degrees Centigrade -- far less than the 1583 degrees C needed
> to
> melt steel.

First of all, it didn't need to *melt* the steel, only to weaken it.
Second, jet fuel most certainly can achieve that temperature. From

"The temperature of the gas [fuel + air] after combustion is about 1800
to 2000 °C. "

> One more question for now: Why did WTC 7 collapse? It took that
> building
> almost eight hours to fall. This is something that gets the
> conspire-o-meter
> jumping off the scale. After all, WTC 7 housed the CIA's double agent
> operations in New York (for those wondering, I got this information
> from the
> New York Times).

If anything, you'd think that would put the conspiracy theories to
rest. But alas, they always pop up with some new "rationale."

Why did it collapse, or why did it take eight hours? A weakened
building doesn't necessarily fall immediately. As for why it collapsed,
well, lots of shit was damaged by the two behemoths nearby falling into


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