what to make of "conspiracy theories"?

Adam Levenstein cleon42 at yahoo.com
Wed Feb 13 08:06:32 MST 2002

--- Martin Schreader <mschreader at npns.org> wrote:
> Such a pattern seems more consistent with a flash fire, not one that
> had
> been burning for -- at that point -- 108 minutes. And this guy was
> standing
> on the ground next to the building, not inside.

First of all, this stuff is way off-topic.

Second, your "question" is self-answering. If he was standing next to
the building, he wasn't standing by one of the jet-fuel fires, which
were burning higher up, where the planes hit. So those wouldn't have
affected him.

Assuming the story as related is accurate, he probably got hit with a
flash fire as the building collapsed. There was a whole lot of chaos
going on; these things aren't neat and orderly.

Third, the jet fuel fires probably weren't the only fires. A COMMERCIAL
JET AIRPLANE hit the building! If the impact alone - not to mention the
resulting explosion - didn't create some non-fuel fires, THAT would be
a matter for suspicion. As it is, the WTC rubble didn't stop smoldering
for several months. And I *know* that wasn't all from jet fuel.

Now I anxiously wait for someone to demand an explanation of Satan's
face in the cloud of smoke....


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