what to make of "conspiracy theories"?

Martin Schreader mschreader at npns.org
Wed Feb 13 08:35:38 MST 2002

Adam Levenstein wrote:
> First of all, this stuff is way off-topic.

Wrong. All of these "off-topic" items paint a larger picture of what was
happening at Ground Zero.

> Second, your "question" is self-answering. If he was standing next to
> the building, he wasn't standing by one of the jet-fuel fires, which
> were burning higher up, where the planes hit. So those wouldn't have
> affected him.
> Assuming the story as related is accurate, he probably got hit with a
> flash fire as the building collapsed. There was a whole lot of chaos
> going on; these things aren't neat and orderly.
> Third, the jet fuel fires probably weren't the only fires. A COMMERCIAL
> JET AIRPLANE hit the building! If the impact alone - not to mention the
> resulting explosion - didn't create some non-fuel fires, THAT would be
> a matter for suspicion. As it is, the WTC rubble didn't stop smoldering
> for several months. And I *know* that wasn't all from jet fuel.

First, you can keep your snotty attitude to yourself. I don't care if "the
line" has already been handed down to you, I still have doubts and

Second, Louis sent a NYT article about the diesel tanks in WTC 7. This
provides some insight into what may have happened. The flash fire more
likely came from explosions caused by ruptures in similar tanks under WTC 1
and 2. After all, with all the brokerage houses in the Twin Towers, you can
bet they had emergency generators in that building.

An explosion caused by rapid combustion of fuel in one or all of these
(hypothetical) fuel tanks could account for many of the anomalies that exist
in the government's story -- the smoke seen on lower floors and in
stairwells by survivors only moments after impact, the flash fire that
singed the Impact Visuals photographer's press passes, maybe even the
atomized concrete.

> Now I anxiously wait for someone to demand an explanation of Satan's
> face in the cloud of smoke....

Ridicule may be an acceptable method of discussion in your political
current, but not mine. Try again later.


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