what to make of "conspiracy theories"?

Adam Levenstein cleon42 at yahoo.com
Wed Feb 13 08:56:22 MST 2002

--- Martin Schreader <mschreader at npns.org> wrote:
> Wrong. All of these "off-topic" items paint a larger picture of what
> was
> happening at Ground Zero.

Which is off-topic for a Marxist theoretical discussion list.

> First, you can keep your snotty attitude to yourself. I don't care if
> "the
> line" has already been handed down to you, I still have doubts and
> questions.

None of which hold up to the slightest scrutiny, much less the
"research" you claim you're meticulously conducting.

> > Now I anxiously wait for someone to demand an explanation of
> Satan's
> > face in the cloud of smoke....
> Ridicule may be an acceptable method of discussion in your political
> current, but not mine. Try again later.

Present me with something worth more, and we'll talk then. Instead, if
you're going to continue bringing up stuff like "why did it take eight
hours for WTC 7 to fall" and "I don't see how burning jet fuel could
melt steel" (which makes Leuchter's "analysis" of Auschwitz look
scientific in comparison), don't expect me to take you very seriously.


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