American Democracy: R.I.P : The Emergence of the FascistAmerican Theocratic State

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Wed Feb 13 14:23:48 MST 2002

How dare you.
The emergence of a clique inside the US bent on creating some kind of fascism
from above has no place on a Marxist list. Everyone knows fascism only comes
about in a revolutionary situation. This is a theoretical Marxist list, not a
place for paranoid theories dating back to September 11, the disappeared 1200,
the Patriot Act, Bill C-36 and the revanchist American Uber Alles script is all
so much conspiracy mongering.

We need to be more selective in what we rant about.
I personally plan to run a series of posts describing the connection between the
bad theory of the ISO and hot pants. The connection- previously unseen- involves
the patty bourgeois nature of clothing styles and the styles of analytical
thinking. There is no time for determining whether or not we have been subjected
to a global coup. It isn't for serious revolutionaries or scholars.

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