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Edward George ebgeorge at
Wed Feb 13 14:50:51 MST 2002

The problem with this kind of stuff is that it idealises bourgeois democracy
and trivialises fascism. Fascism, the reactionary mass movement driven by
mortal fear of revolution, is indeed deadly for the working class movement,
which has to - when it is realistically on the agenda - move everything it
has against it. The normal operation of bourgeois democracy - corruption,
intrigue, counter-insurgency, counter-revolutionary foreign operations,
assassination, war, the deliberate creation of institutionalised poverty -
is not fascism. It is bourgeois democracy working normally. But normal
bourgeois democracy -- even in its present-day United States' form - permits
the working class a space to organise and operate politically in a way that
fascism never will, even that fascism is specifically designed not to. That
is why we defend bourgeois democracy against fascist movements. But, by the
same token, it is also why we seek to transcend bourgeois democracy (from
where I'm looking by overthrowing it) with a higher form of democracy,
socialist democracy, and eventually classless society. Confusing bourgeois
democracy for fascism not only weakens us against real fascist threats but
undermines our ability to rid of the fake that democracy assumes in its
bourgeois form.


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