The new slaves of America

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 What's on at the 2nd Asia Pacific International Solidarity Conference?

    The new slaves of America: The plea of 12 million Mexican workers

Day after day, thousands of Mexicans cross the USA-Mexico border fleeing
from  poverty and walking right into virtual semi-slavery.  Now, 12
million  Mexicans live in the USA, but are they better off?

Presented by Luis E. Pelayo
President and founder, Hispanic Council, Chicago, USA

Luis E. Pelayo was born in Guadalajara, Mexico and emigrated to the USA
in 1980.  An engineer by training, he worked washing dishes and
unloading trucks before founding the Hispanic Council, a non-profit
organization that assists new immigrants in legal and immigration
matters, among other things. Since its  inception, the Council has
assisted with over 25, 000 legal cases and has helped well over 100,000
people to adjust to living in the USA.

He is also the founding father of the International Coalition of
Mexicans  Abroad (ICMA), founding member of the National Council of
Mexican-American Businessmen and Professionals, founder of La
Guadalapuna Street Vendors Association of Chicago, board member of
Migrant Mexicans for Change (MIMEXCA)  and currently the Executive
Director of the Mexican Cultural and Educational  Institute of Chicago.

          2nd Asia Pacific International Solidarity Conference
                         March 29-April 1, 2002
                      Opening rally: 7pm, March 28
            Sydney Boys High School, Moore Park, Surry Hills
                              1800 634 206

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