what to make of "conspiracy theories"?

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>>Now, I used to work around these pigs, and I can tell you that a
707 is much bigger and heavier than a 767 or 757; it is comparable to a 747
or a 777 (I wouldn't even put a DC-10 in the same category as a 707). <<

I understand the importance to your argument of proving the WTC's design
parameters should have enabled it to withstand this kind of impact. Leaving
aside the controversy around whether the building really was up to spec
(because the upper floor steel structures did not have asbestos insulation,
which is what the original design was based on), your arguments, as so often
happens with conspiracy theorists, are factually challenged..

You think the 707 is "much" bigger than the 767, rivalling the 747 or 777
and overshadowing the DC-10.

You might want to write Boeing and ask they make the needed corrections to
their technical specs. This is what you can glean from a very quick surfing

The standard 707 had a fuel capacity of 15,000 gallons and weighed in at
just under 250,000 lbs; the bigger intercontinental version, 23,000
gallons, and had a maximum gross weight of 336,000 pounds.

The standard 767, holds 24,000 gallons and weighs in at 450,000 pounds.

The 747-400 holds 57,000 gallons and change, and weighs in at 875,000
thousands pounds.

The DC-10 range had models with fuel capacities of up to 36,000 gallons, and
takeoff weights of 430,000 to 550,000 lbs.

The 777 holds 45,000 gallons and weighs in at 660,000 pounds, double the
biggest member of the 707 family.

EVERY single plane you mentioned as being smaller than the 707 is, in fact,
bigger. The ones you say are comparable dwarf even the biggest 707's. I
leave people to draw their OWN conclusions about your macho boasting, "now I
used to work around those pigs" and want to point out that some of us are
actually OLD enough to remember was passenger jets of the 60's were like,
and what a different experience it was to board a 747. The kind of thing you
don't forget.


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