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   When a person who is a woman or/and queer is forced to endure
   sexist and homophobic comments that are used in a violent fashion,
   it essentially feels like a threat and takes a freedom away from
   that individual to relax.

   The level of daily violence against women and gays (since September
   11, there has been one lynching murder here in Vancouver- that of a
   gay male in world famous Stanley Park. The media went into a
   virtual frenzy of repugnant homophobia, with editorials blaming his
   sexual practices for his own death) is such that there must be seen
   the linkage between our tacit acceptance of such in even this
   progressive forum and the acts of murder themselves. Tolerance
   breeds acceptance. We need to be clearer than others as to what we
   deem a safe environment. Joe Freemen, someone who I enjoyed
   reading, took away that safety.  We should be proud that you
   responded by removing his podium.

I deeply apologies for my hostile words and vulgarity. I never meant
to appeal to violent tendencies in people against labor. The
perception of my words becoming a weapons on behalf of violent is
emotionally upsetting to be and I have regretted them. I seek
redemption and an opportunity to prove worthiness of redemption by
ceasing the arrogance of perceived violence of ignorance.  Macdonald,
I kid you not: I need intellectual engagement which my ignorance cut
me off from and not a podium because I am going to live and die on the
basis of the class struggle.

My ignorance and correctly identified "lumpen" articulations is
unacceptable to myself and has taken an emotional toll on me. An
element of the vulgarity stems from the refusal to take the time to
intellectually formulate ones propositions. The refusal or
intellectual inability to formulate ones positions is no excuse, and
in my case, I have actually been very lucky in my life and never
harmed by the insanity of ideology in my person.  I come from the
upper strata of the working class and have adopted "tough guy" way as
a way to emotionally protect myself from my perceived "nerdiness."

Connecting me to the violence of individuals is my fault and I will
adopt a manner of behavior that makes this impossible.

The idea that I need a podium is unrealistic. I need intellectual
engagement and to be given an intellectual and ideological drubbing to
become fit for the podiums at my disposal. Marxline is not a podium
for me but an arena of intellectual engagement. Yes, there is an
element of fear and insecurity in my assertions that led to my
outlandish assertions. 

I am a Marxist when I am wrong. I was wrong in my vulgarity and
objections. I have felt the emotional pain of being a fool. This
feeling is mine. I am wrong anytime my words can be connected with a
persons sexual individuality as a basis of vilent treatment. I spoke
the words of wrong and they are mine to live with and regret. I deeply
regret my stupidity, insecurity and ignorance. I apologize and will
prove my Marxist mantel.

I never need a podium. I have organized people on the wrong basis
using the wrong language. You have made this clear in a manner that
makes me repent. I am a leader and will repent and maintain my
leadership in the face of those who cannot vote for me, because it is

I repent. But do not need a podium on any level. I repent because I
was wrong.  I deeply apologize.

Joe Freemen.

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