what to make of "conspiracy theories"?

Jose G. Perez jgperez at netzero.net
Wed Feb 13 17:28:30 MST 2002

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>>Anyway, this is not the part of the puzzle that bothers me. What
gets me is the contention by the government that an open-air jet fuel
(kerosene) fire can melt steel. I have been researching this since
September -- studying thermodynamics, heat transfer and output
studies, structural physics, etc. -- and I still cannot get the models
to work out. Maybe I'm using more variables than the government. I
factor in things like the fact that this fire was not contained in a
closed environment, but open to the (cool September) air (at 700-1,000


I've not seen this proposed as an official "government" theory, but it is
the explanation that has been offered by several respected structural
engineers. Not that the fire was hot enough to MELT steel, but hot enough to
WEAKEN it. The force of the 20+ stories resting on the already debilitated
structure (from the impact) did the rest.

The other point is your belief that this was simply an "open air" fire. You
would have to make some pretty hefty assumptions, I think to NOT posit that
there could well have been, and most likely were, extremely hot areas inside
the inferno, much hotter than you'd find in a normal open air fire.

The other point is that the collapse of the buildings was captured on tape.
The look of their collapse is consistent with the failure having come at the
floors where the planes impacted. It would take tremendous skill to have
wired those floors for explosive charges, and have had them survive the
impact of the planes so well that they could be later triggered to cause the
building to collapse.

I do not know why you feel it necessary to challenge what has been the
explanation given by various experts for the most likely cause/mechanism of
the collapse of the building at least (that I know of) since the day after
the collapse.

I just don't see it. The explanation given by the experts makes sense to me.


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