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The essential features of fascism are the eliminations of whatever breathing
room there was under a bourgeois democracy to actually organize resistance to
that capitalist order.

Anything the slightest bit successful will not be tolerated with the same
"liberality" that it had been before. That has now changed. The laws are not
ones that declare themselves to be temporary measures. They didn't even use laws
to make our neighbours disappear because of their own Arabic and/or Muslim
backgrounds. These people remain "missing". Fascism allows the interests of war
to be the primary interests of the state. Fascism in America means that the
imperialist aims of the state no longer take into account the intertests of
fellow imperialist states. If one is desirous of the cancellation of elections,
that isn't going to happen (just the occassional theft)- it is far too, well,
obvious. However, the CIA has been authorised- for the first time in decades- to
operate on the homeland.

If one uses Mussolini's definition, "corporatism"- then quickly we see that
appearances may indeed be quite deceiving. Genocide is quietly waged on Indians
on both sides of the 49th parallel, while elections are held. Their will be no
salute, other than "God Bless America" for this regime. But the interest that
seems to have taken over the US is dependant on energy. This clique from within
have really squeezed out any opposition to the recolonisation of the Islamic
world to render any debate over the future of the dwindling oil resevers over
before they start.

Edward's essential point about the slinging of labels is one I can go along
with. Rather than debate with people whether or not labels such as fascism
apply, let the following be the clearest: We live in a situation that demands of
comrades the same resolute struggle against imperialism that was once faced in
the 30's across the globe.

The reasons there are no pitched battles in the streets is because our position
is so much weaker, not that the politics of the imperialists are any less

This is something we must begin to remedy. Indeed, currently the livability for
humans hangs in the balance while an endless imperialist war for the lifeblood
of an increasingly decrepit capitalist economy threatens a faster pace of
extinction. If we had the same strength of radical ideas that existed the last
time there was a global crisis of this magnitude- then we would already be under
covert and overt attack. Our weakness must not be mistaken for their political

We must learn the lessons of history when people like Rumsfeld are on the march.
Our neighbours are ratting on "dark-skinned" peoples. Immigration rights are
being eliminated. Protests are legally now terrorism in many cases in Canada and
the US- and the Canadian government just passed a bill allowing the military to
police demonstrations in Canada.

Privileges be damned- we need to get into our communities. Fascism is not worse
than this global imperialist order. It certainly does not carry a larger a
threat to us, either.


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