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Wed Feb 13 21:45:23 MST 2002

>> Fascism is not worse than this global imperialist order <<

Please, Macdonald, do a little reading to complement your admittedly
impressive activism. Check out the url that Lou posted. There is a new bio
of Hitler by Iam Kershaw that is quite  good.

A bunch of repressive laws passed by suits in Washington are a long way
from the mobilization of fascist hordes.

Such a mobilization will come in response to masses of workers protesting
intolerable changes in their conditions of existence. The shock troops of
fascism will be newly declassed petty bourgeois created precisely by those
same intolerable conditions.

 We are not there yet in the advanced capitalist countries. In third world
countries, Argentina may be close to such a development. Rightist forces
clearly are organizing in Venezuela.

But it is not helpful to blur distinctions between "normal" periods of
rightist control of government and full blown fascism. Those of us who were
around in the 60's and 70's heard again and again that fascism was

Guess what? It wasn't.

Jon Flanders

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