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When in the 70's did 1200 people disappear, without a sound?

Was there a time in the 60's and seventies where the only superpower was
shredding even the veneer of the UN and similar "democratic" veils?

Do we doubt for a moment that the racist sentiment neccessary for the
mobilization of `shock troops' already exists? Do we really think that Fascism
would be profoundly different than the order that exists now?

I never said the American state was or was not fascist. The global imperialist
order- meaning the ability for working class and peasant-favoured policies to
reasonably effect policy on the economy- is worse than fascism in how silently
murderous it is, how well it lulls people to sleep at home while carrying out a
mass slaughter abroad. That has been drastically *increased* by the events of
9-11. Imperialism is stronger and more willing and able to kill on a mass scale
than ever before.

We must also realize that this crisis is also their weakness, however. We do not
have a situation that the ultra-imperialists can get out of. Their entire
economic life-blood is deeply covered in oil. The reason they have legally put
themselves in a position to act with naked brute force without resorting to it
yet is because of the eventuality that imperialism cannot recover from what is
about to befall it. The governments own analysts are no longer pushing the idea
that oil is abundant or that there is room for major growth in demand. Yet this
is happening in China and India. America needed to break from Europe in at least
planing- the honeymoon is over.

Fascism is unneccessary unless the opposition challenges class rule, something
we haven't seen (except on Indian territory, where it is violently suppressed
"fascistically") happen for decades. But they are prepared for what they are
readying to do.

No, in the 60's and seventies fascism wasn't even close. Also, _bring the boys
back home_ wasn't a threat sufficient to cause mass repression. If the energy
disappears, then the revolts will be far more "in your face", shall we say. So
the laws are now ready.

The scary part isn't that they don't know what they are doing- it's that they


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