What's in the latest Green Left Weekly? #480 February 13, 2002

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                  Green Left Weekly,
          Australia's socialist newspaper
                      Issue #480
                   February 13, 2002
Green Left Weekly provides news, information, opinion and debate from an
environmental and left perspective.


While public criticism of its policy of mandatory detention of refugees
grows, the Howard government claims it will not back down. Green Left
Weekly explains how the government can be forced to abandon its
anti-refugee policy.


 * Pressure grows for change on refugee detention policy
 * Bush declares war on the world


 * BRITAIN: Socialist Alliance targeted as press sees red
 * SCOTLAND: Socialist MP puts up school meals bill
 * UNITED STATES: Enron scandal exposes capitalist system
 * PAPUA NEW GUINEA: Government shields BHP-Billiton
 * INDONESIA: `Why I rejected the Reebok Human Rights Award'
 * ARGENTINA: IMF and the US keep the pressure up
 * BRAZIL: World Social Forum calls for end to globalisation
 * COLOMBIA: US intervention escalates
 * ISRAEL: `Refuseniks' oppose Sharon's terrorist war
 * UNITED STATES: `They are all Enron, we are all Argentina'
 * UNITED STATES: The new cold war
 * Class showdown looms in Venezuela


 * Protesters call for Australia's explusion from Commonwealth
 * Breaking ALP domination of the unions
 * Cracks showing in the major parties
 * Refugees: How far will Labor's soul searching go?
 * Toxic waste nightmare in Perth suburb
 * Rural Australians for Refugees defies `rural conservatism' myth
 * Woomera detention centre: `an atmosphere of despair'


 * Socialists excluded from Sydney Palm Sunday Committee
 * Free the Refugees Campaign needs you!
 * Students to protest for refugees' rights
 * Free the refugees!
 * People act in solidarity with refugees
 * 500 rally for refugees
 * Trades Hall backs refugees
 * Pilger speaks
 * Proposed Asia Pacific Social Forum
 * Qantas workers avert lockout


 * Chumbawamba puts its money where its mouth is
 * Spying after the `end of history'
 * Eye: (Anti)-propaganda
 * The soldiers' truce


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