Palestinian Death Toll Rises to over 1000

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The Palestine Monitor,  A PNGO Information Clearinghouse
Information Brief, 14 February 2002

Devastating Israeli offensive:
Palestinian death toll rises to over 1000

In the last week, Israeli military violence against Palestinians has been
devastating, particularly in the Gaza Strip, where F-16 fighter jets and
apache helicopters have caused widespread destruction in civilian areas.
The intensive offensive against Palestinians has raised the Palestinian
death toll to 1007.

Palestinian human losses and injuries over the last 17 months have affected
all levels of Palestinian society: 248 (one quarter) of Palestinians killed
were children and 857 (85.1 percent) were civilians.  In a country with a
population the size of the USA, Palestinian losses would be the equivalent
to approximately 80,000 dead.

Approximately 27,000 Palestinians – one percent of the Palestinian
population- have been injured since 28 September 2000, one third of these
were children. It is estimated that permanent disabilities stand at 2000.

These figures expose the harshness of the Israeli military occupation and
oppression of the Palestinian people.  The extreme escalation of Israeli
violence this week cannot be allowed to continue: it is imperative that the
international community intervene immediately to uphold international law
and international human rights standards.

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