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Mark Lause lause at
Thu Feb 14 07:52:02 MST 2002

Again, every circumstance is unique on one level, but much of what's been presented
in support of this is factually mistaken. It is mistaken to imply that national
elections in US history have been awarded by government institutions to the
candidate with the most votes. So, too, the assumption that the CIA hasn't always
operated inside the US is mistaken.  Presenting the institutional mistreatment of
dark skinned people and Muslims in the US as a novelty is dizzying.  Generally,
legislation restricting activities and occasional forays against dissenting speech
ARE the norm.   Etc.

Exaggeration not only doesn't help, but it makes us artificially dumber and it seeds
an otherwise groundless despair that DEMOBILIZES the masses.

To repeat, every circumstance is unique, but that uniqueness cuts both ways.  There
were physical attacks on civilian and military targets in the U.S. and more people
were killed than at Pearl Harbor, but the response was hardly the same. Don't reduce
a general mood of supportiveness for military action with some qualitative
understanding and support.  Within hours, we on this list and in our communities
were oconferring, discussing, debating on a scale previously impossible. And it's
gone on since then.

Mark Lause

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