Djilas (was: Re: Questions about "Slobo")

Louis Proyect lnp3 at
Thu Feb 14 08:03:26 MST 2002

>Exactly, because he was already in prison, when the book appeared in 1957.
>So his prison term simply was extended until 1961. From 62-66 to he was put
>into prison again.

I honestly wasn't aware of this, but this doesn't change the basic picture.
Cuba also has jailed dissidents, but this does not make it equal to Albania
or Romania. If you want to appreciate the rather free-wheeling intellectual
and political atmosphere of Yugoslavia, you should actually start with the
University of Belgrade whose philosophy department was respected worldwide
for its radicalism and its independence. Of course, many pro-Nato leftists
in the west became disaffected with these intellectuals after they threw in
their lot with Milosevic, Djilas included.

Louis Proyect
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