Questions about "Slobo"

phantasos mpomo at
Thu Feb 14 09:16:57 MST 2002

> >4. I have been surprised to read that the
> >Srebrenica massacres were an
> >invention of the Western media.
> >Yet the onus on this
> >listserv appears to be on anyone who invokes this
> >massacre, rather than on
> >its deniers. Yet I am open-minded, and would
> >genuinely like to see some
> >compelling argument refuting the news stories.

> Of course there were massacres. No one is denying
> this.

I could be mistaken, but I believe some here HAVE
denied that there were "massacres," and have said that
anyone believing such stories have been duped by the
forces of imperialism.
Michael D.

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