Nicaragua, moreno, etc.

Mike Friedman mikedf at
Thu Feb 14 09:28:19 MST 2002

    I have to ruefully agree with Lou's (?) statement that sometimes one
hits the send button without much thought. I was hoping my response to your
posting wouldn't get through. Not because I don't think it's true, but
because it missed your main point: that the FSLN succumbed to external
pressures. I don't have time for a real response, but I think it's obvious
that I think there were internal forces and tendencies that imperialist
pressure -- directly and indirectly  -- favored to produce the collapse of
the RPS. In short, the class contradictions present in Nicaraguan society
were present within the FSLN and its leadership. Check out Borge's
interview, which I mentioned, also Carlos Vilas' various works for detailed
analyses of the social bases and dynamic of the FSLN. Our ex-comrade Alan
Benjamin also wrote a small book, which I recall as being of some value. For
me, alarm bells began to go off in 1983, when the FSLN replaced the Consejo
del Estado with the Asamblea Nacional, mainly because Violeta Chamorro
demanded it and other bourgeoise politicians wanted it. Subsequent
experiences also supported this hypothesis. However, I don't think the
conclusion was etched in stone until after 1990, when social and economic
disaster further atomized the ranks and leaders embraced economic and
political opportunities, abandoned a mobilizing strategy and opted for


>>    I think we agree with regard to ultimate causation. Where we disagree
>>with respect to proximate causation. You seem to think that
>>technico-military and material shortcomings brought on by lack of Soviet
>>support were to blame.

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