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Thu Feb 14 09:38:42 MST 2002

John Cox wrote:

> Milosevic's aversion to the IMF/World Bank could well have
> been motivated by a desire to avoid scrutiny, as well as competition;
> the devastation of the wars of the 1990s also rendered Yugoslavia
> somewhat less attractive to international investors than, for example,
> the Czech Republic.

This is completely back to front. In other words it's shot through with
bourgeois ideology.

The best, in fact the only way to AVOID scrutiny is to bow to the dictates
of Western capital and its instruments such as the WB/IMF. Thus miscreants
like Milosevic and Mugabe are subject to thorough 'scrutiny' where a Mbeki
or Kaguta type of regime is praised (new brreed of African leaders, as the
financial and liberal press refered to them) for courageously undertaking
rrreforms which in reality impoverish Africans and strengthen the grip of
capital on every aspect of their societies.

Louis Proyect
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