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Thu Feb 14 09:57:41 MST 2002

Mohammad writes:

Both of you can "agree" all of you want on this issue, but what's the big
deal--no one is in disagreement about it. I did not assert anywhere that I
intended to march in and lead the way. You guys are just being ridiculous
and absurdly presumptuous on that account.

Response (Jim C): My reaction was to the notion that the assumption "there
is no class consciousness [anywhere?] in America" [a rather sweeping
statement about ALL of "America"] leading to another notion that someone
wants to go to somewhere/some struggle where the struggles and
revolutionaries are more "advanced"--perhaps somewhere in Latin America--is
extremely problematic on several fronts: 1) implies one has something
special to offer and that those elsewhere would want it; 2)ignores the
reality that any serious struggles employ serious security measures and one
does not just drop-in from the outside [so how are these connections with
those outside to be made and on what basis would those outside want to
"invite" outsiders into their own local struggles?]; 3) why accept any
alleged "backwardness" in class consciousness here as a fait accompli thus
necessitating the shopping for a more personally satisfying revolution
elsewhere in which to participate?; make revolution where you are or where
you can do the most good and be most effective--where you have some roots
and know the turf;

That was some of the thinking emodied in my responses. More later; off to

Jim Craven

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