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Thu Feb 14 10:26:35 MST 2002

I laid out quite clearly why I think class-consciousness in America is dead
or near-dead for various reasons in this specific time period, in my post
"Fascism or Bourgeois Democracy...". It's no good to point out 101 workers'
struggles here and there in America as "proof" that there is class
consciousness. Pointing to this or that isolated small-scale activity only
shows that there is a lack of such consciousness, and does nothing to
contradict the concrete signs of its weakness in this country:

1. Trade union aristocracy
2. Mass conservatism and racism among working-class.
3. Massive complacent petty-bourgeoisie barrier.
4. No resistance to two-party dictatorship.
5. Exceptional living standards in relation to the rest of the world.

But I should have said, to be more accurate, that the class struggle in
America does exist, but is strictly confirmed from the negative side. In
other words, spending on indoctrination via advertising and corporate
media, cultural values that increasingly reflect assumption of core belief
that life=capitalism, confirms that the ruling class is actively pushing
its ideology onto the masses, because they fear the anti-capitalist

In any case, while I am here, and working here, I will definitely be in
favor of progressive reforms to the extent that I can. But I have no
illusions about an American revolution without several prior conditions,
including mass rebellion in at least one sector of the Third World. As a
writer or a historian or a lawyer or a fighter or whatever, I intend to
support it. The stuff you've said to me, you could've also directed to Che
vis. Argentina and Cuba.

Which reminds me: my latest Che image

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